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    oil pump adjustment help

    Hello all maybe someone can help me. I have a 03 xlt and had carbs of so many times I lost the setting at the throttle bracket for the oil pump cable. I dont want to take everything apart to set it at the oil pump. My manuel only gives throttle setting at bracket I need oil cable setting in inches like the throttle setting the manuel gives me thank you.

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    You can adjust the cable at the bracket to make it rich on oil by adjusting the cable away from the carbs or do it wright and get a mirror or bore scope or something to see the marks on the pump. its a little extra work but it will be wright.

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    Hi guys, the manual says to "fully close the carburetor throttle valves". does this mean that I have to back out the throttle stop?
    I too, just reinstalled carbs. I snapped a pic of the oil pump lever and it looks close. I have the throttle cable on and adjusted. the throttle is resting on the stop.

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    Looks like it is going to be a guess based on the picture in the manual for me. I tried the scope and mirrors and had no luck. I still have the stock air box in place. (blocking view) I doubt they want you to back out the stop to set the alignment on the pump.Probably just bring throttle to the stop.

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    Yeah, with the air box and all in place I guess it'd be difficult. I have all that out. Even then it took me like fifty pics to get one that gave me a clear pic.

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    I know it sounds like and looks like a bad job but your only looking at a couple hours removing and replacing both pipes and air box but if your going to keep the ski and oil injection its worth the piece of mind knowing its wright.

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