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    What intake grate to use? Any other tricks to making it hook up?

    I have an '89 650sx. I finally got some time to ride it this weekend, but it wasn't the smoothest water. I had quite a bit of trouble keeping it hooked up, especially when I wanted to go faster.

    The machine is completely stock except for a worx intake grate and a west coast ride plate.

    It rides okay at slower speeds but when I nail the throttle it just cavitates like hell, porpoises a bit, and just won't get up there in speed. If I ease into the throttle gradually I can get more speed, but I still have some cavitation problems. I didn't have an opportunity to get on any really smooth water to see how it did, though.

    Any advice on how to make it hook up better in the rough?

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    R&D top loader intake grate

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