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    2000 Pro 1200 no spark

    Hey guys, last weekend I had no spark on my pro1200 and trim?bilge were both working ( mfd is unpluged broke last yr). So I opened elec box and the 1/4 amp fuse was rusted to hell. I tried to remove it and the mounts for fuse fell right off, the rivits were dicintergrated.
    Ordered a new terminal board, won"t be in till next week. After all that my question is will this cause no spark? as I don't have a manual. THANKS

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    Sorry if I put this in the wrong section could a mod please move it, Thanks I'm only looking for a yes/no answer.

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    Yes, bad connections will cause a no-start,no-spark.
    I'd suggest replacing the board and rechecking.

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    Thanks for replying, my new board is shipping out today and will be here monday. Your answer is what i was hoping to hear

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