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    Can plug wires be replaced on SL900?

    I would like to replace the plug wires on my SL900 - if possible. I've never been inside the electrical box ... so I don't know what I would find inside there if I popped it open.

    For some reason, I'm thinking this can't be done ...


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    Yes it can be done. The original wires are a solid copper core, they use a spike that the plugwire threads onto ,at the end of the plug wire at the coil and plug boot.

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    Cool ... good to know ... thanks for the reply.
    Next question: Are these generally available? Do I just shop for "solid copper core wire" and cut to my desired length?

    (Obviously I haven't wrenched too much on this machine ... got it for $200 two years ago, and it had only 50 hrs on it, and all I did was replace the plugs and gas)

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    That is a harder question. I get the impression the wire is sold in bulk, as a role.
    I found a number for the 98 models, 3070178. But can't find a price or availability.

    You could check with a motorsports place, I'd imagine it was used on other stuff.

    I have never needed to replace any. The ends can be trimmed to expose fresh wire.

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    Okay ... I'll check. I did find a place online who sells the "copper core" wire by the foot ... so maybe I can try there. Don't really need much ...

    The reason I want to change them is that the cylinder closest to the electrical box (#?) has such a short wire, it barely reaches the plug. It's not "tight" ... but close.

    This place seems to sell it ... not sure if it's the exact stuff:
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