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    Leaks in my polaris

    We have a 1995 stl 750 polaris. It runs fine but we can't leave it in the water because it is leaking somewhere. There are no cracks in the hull. When we take it out it looks like the water is coming from the fins underneath. Are there seals that have to be replaced. We are so new at this and are just trying to learn to maintain our machines

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    Good call on "self maintenance" IMO. A lot of what you will think is over your head will not be regarding maintenance and repair on your ski. This forum is so dang solid for help that it hurts me to think of going into a shop for help again. Youtube has a ton of videos on each repair as well.

    I don't know if this applies to your brand of ski, but where that impeller transitions through the hull, there will be a water tight fitting of some sort there. One suggestion (assuming you have not already done so) is to take it on the water, remove the seat and look down in the hull as you gun it (better if you have a neutral selection on your ski for obvious reasons). You may just see where water is flying into your hull?

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    This is a great forum for Polaris information.......the members are very helpful......

    I am new at this also, but here are my initial thoughts....there are others that are much more experienced and will help you out also....

    The fins are on the intake grate. It is the water intake for the jet pump. The grate, on my SLT750 has a single bolt toward the front of the ski. It has a nut on the inside of the hull. If that is loose, it would be cause for a water leak. If it is loose, I would pull out the bolt (takes two people or talent lodging a wrench on the nut in the hull), use some ultra black RTV in the hole and put the bolt back in. Let it dry and see if that is where your leak is.

    If the hull has water over the bottom of the engine, another place for water could be:
    Where the driveshaft goes through the hull, there is a "Hose". On the engine side of the rubber boot is a cover between the hose and the engine, this is the coupler cover. The coupler is where the impeller driveshaft connects to the engine driveshaft. Where the cover meets the hose, there should be a grease nipple (zerk fitting). If grease was not applied, the bushings in the through-hull hose and/or the driveshaft could be worn badly.

    gigem is correct, you can pull the seat and watch for water. You should be able to do this on the trailer at the ramp, with the ski in the water. I would first look for water, with the ski turned off, just sitting in the water on the trailer. If you don't see water leaking in the ski, then start it and see if there is water coming up the driveshaft, with the coupler cover removed, you can add grease and see if that solves the trouble. If you have excessive amounts of water from the driveshaft, I would suggest pulling the pump and replacing the bushings and maybe the driveshaft.

    If the bushings are bad, you may not see the water after riding because of the siphon lines in the bottom of the hull. That is why I suggest trying this on the trailer at the boat ramp.

    It really depends on how much water was in the hull, when you saw it leaking out of the intake grate....I assume, it was leaking before you pulled the drain plug on the ski......

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    We will try this thanks so much

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    One other thing to check....there is a water pickup for the speedometer, which is located in the intake grate area. It is a little white fin looking piece on the bottom of the hull, inside the intake grate. It comes through the hull, under the driveshaft and has a tube that runs to the gauge in the front of the ski. If that tube is torn/cut/broken it could cause water in and out of the hull.......also make sure the assembly is not loose or broken, since it is just plastic (including the nut in the hull)......

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