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    Post 97 GP1200 No Spark

    Just rebuilt the engine and went thru 2 tanks of gas. Ran good but had some issues with engine bogging out like not getting Gas or not strong spark then would run strong till high speed then bog out again?
    Now will not start and checked and getting no spark so what to check first and order to check?
    1st? Stator or genorator can i check this without removing cover and how to check
    2nd Electric box is there a way to check this and replace parts or do I need to replace whole box?

    What is most common issue for no spark?

    Thanks all comments welcome

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    I'd start with the checking the stator. Do you have a service manual? The tests are outlined in there.

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    1st I would check stator.......after check it and run a test however is possible...or if you can borrow a cdi to run it with and check...that would be fine also. After that....don;t know......depending on your results.....but next if anything is fuel system and carbs.

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    I have a CDI if you need one for any year GP1200


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