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    1100 zxi top end question

    I have a 1996 1100 zxi the oil hose broke off of number one cylinder carb. so number one cylinder is scored up some the piston doesn't look too bad but the cylinder wall is not smooth anymore. It does still run but has very little power. Do I need to re do the whole top end or what is the cheapest fix to get it through this summer ? I will probably rebuild it this winter if I can do a cheap fix to make it through the rest of the summer.
    Thanks for any help

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    CHEAPEST is one hole only, 1 piston and reuse gaskets, $100.00 at most.

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    Can I just replace the rings on the piston?

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    Don't waste your time or money rebuilding one cylinder. You can just do one and get by, but you'll end up doing the other two later anyways. Think about it this way, you have to take the head and jug off to do one piston, you might as well get them all while you're in there. The difference in labor is minimal at best.

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    Can I just replace the rings on the piston?

    Depends on how scored up the cylinder is. If the cylinder needs machine work, you'll have to get a bigger piston. I'd pull the jug and inspect the cylinder. Take it to a good machine shop if you aren't comfortable inspecting it yourself.

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    Agreed, don't do just one. It will cost you a lot more time to do it twice, which you WILL end up doing. Kawasaki pistons will cost you a lot more than $100 apiece (including rings, gaskets, wrist pin bearings, etc.).

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    Are the cylinders in these models plated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atvman View Post
    Are the cylinders in these models plated?
    No, they are not.

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    Well, then machining work will be pretty cheap, maybe $40 a cylinder. I'd do it the right way, get the cylinders machined to perfection and put new pistons and rings in it. The thing will run like a brand new machine afterward.

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