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Thread: SL 900 problems

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    SL 900 problems

    Hello hes the deal i got a 1996 polaris SL 900 stator went bad on it. so i had a 1050 cdi box coils and stator. now i put them all on and im ver mechanically inclined but i still have no spark aany help would be much aperciated!

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    Smile neeeeeed help

    Someone help any info would be helpfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Are you sure the new parts you got were working? DO you have a strong battery? A weak battery will allow no spark. I have a 96 SL 900 and I had a weak battery. It sounded great cranking, but would not fire the plugs. I pulled one plug to check for spark and it started up. Put the plug back in and nothing. Make sure all of your ignition parts are the same generation, whether original or updated. Check all of your ground connections.

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    plus one on checking for a weak battery!!!!

    After 10 sec of cranking my MFD said low batt and I had to jump it to get her started and after I did it would idle bad but run great at full throttle (the voltage was lower than my other ski when idling).

    I bought a new battery and my problem went away.
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    Cool ......

    The parts came off a running ski all of mt grounds are good but the battery was weak. I have the exact same ski as you bryan. Where did u get ur side rails?[LIST=1]

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    I painted the originals with Krylon Fusion. So it turned out to just be a weak battery?

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