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    97 XP No Chirp Chirp

    Had a bad wkend. A relative tipped my Seadoo, couldn't restart it & had it towed to shore. I thought it was a joke, but it was my XP handlebars & seat following the tow boat. That's all you could see. I guess they really don't sink. Anyway, after draining the body & expelling the salt water from the cylinders & exhaust & draining the electric box, It does not make a sound when I attach the key. The starter will engage but the buzzer is going off the entire time it is turning. What is the most obvious next step to get it running?

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    Make sure the mpem in the front end is dry & clean all contacts. Open the black box on the left side(opposite of the oil tank) & clean everything in there. Pull plugs & make sure all water is out of cylinders. Salt water is a killer!!!

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    You also need to get the water out of the counterbalancer cavity, or else you will kill the bearing in the end of it.

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    I finally did get it started. It appears that it just needed more time to dry out & a good deal of perseverance.
    After cleaning electrical connections (& applying some kind of grease?) Will starting & running fresh water through it take care of it?
    I have applied grease to the fitting on the drive shaft & sprayed everything inside of the body with fresh water.. let dry... then WD-40.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    If you tow these machines you need to pinch off the water inlet lines. They will fill the machine. OPEN all boxes and INSURE they are DRY and free of salt water/ corrosion..

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    How long was it from when it was sunk. To when it was started again?

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    It sunk on Sunday. That night I was able to get the starter to turn & expel the water, both in the engine & the exhaust... most of it anyway. I did not get it started until Friday, five days later.

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    you can try running it on the trailer backed into water on the ramp for about 45 mins with some extra premix in the tank (on top of your oil injection) at about 3000 rpm. you need to get any extra water out of the motor asap. also pull the vts cover there is probably water in there which can short out the vts unit. my 2 beeps came back when i pulled the fuse to my vts box it was shorting out because it got wet. at any rate you need to run it hard for about an hour especially if you towed it back without pinching off the inlet hose...

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