Hi I have a Polaris SLH 1999 and am having nothing but problems, I had a fault last year with the ski after it was took under by a wave and filled the hull with water to the brim, I found the jet ski then to have no spark I then followed on to find that the ski had the old type cdi update kit in I replaced this and still no go. After stripping everything and clean/replace parts the engine was mechanically sound. After many checks I eventually had the ski running so I took it to the beach and as soon as I put it into the water the ski would idle fine but cut out as soon as any throttle was put on, I took the ski back rebuiilt the carbs and replaced the fuel line but not 100% they are piped up properly. Any suggestions and if anyone could tell me the correct direction of the fuel pipes it would be much appreciated Thanks Giulio_18