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    Help Diagnose Root Cause

    Ok I have a 2000 GPR 1200 which I picked up at the beginning of the summer. Well I ran into issue the past week and have no compression in my my middle cylinder (other 2 are good). I spend a lot of time on PWCTODAY but saw a lot of references to this site for help with GPR issues. I was looking for some expert opinions as to the root cause of my failure. I am not sure if the following pictures can paint a good story but I figured I would post them and see what advice I get. All three plugs look the same and if anything look more rich than lean. To me the pistons don't appear to indicate a lean condition either (but I am far from an expert). Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Well, for starters, you're running lean. Do a search on piston wash to get a better idea. Secondly, you have an 800cc piston in there (66E). The E denotes the 800cc version and V denotes the 1200cc version. Someone has clearly had it apart and fixed it incorrectly. I found the same thing in my ski after it burnt up after a few runs. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two pistons, but I do know the 800cc has different port timing.

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    Sometimes the rings can catch the exhaust ports which may have happened here. My incorrect piston caused damage in the same area as yours.

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    Thanks millertyme26...this is the exact advice I was hoping to receive. The center cylinder is definitely different from the other two which appear to have a sleeve. I was thinking the other two had been repaired vice the center one. I will search on piston wash to better educate myself.

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