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    ok strange problem

    ok my jet ski stoped staring so i took the silonied off my pro 785 put it on there same problem nothing..... so finally out of know where looing for loose wires it starts. but runs like crap. took me hours of going back and forth finally i realize that it will only start if the cdi box outer metal case is touching something metal on the ski like motor etc. so comes to find out somehow the cdi is loosing ground but all the contact look good on the cercit board all pluged in nothing is bad i even took them off and cleaned them put back on same thing. so long story short i made a ground wired bolted it to the metal cdi cover and ran it to the battery negitve side and now the ski runs like it always did just fine. what else could cause this also the negitive ground to the engine is just fine to. its a 94 sl 650 any ideas

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    Check the black wire from the stator to the electric box. That is the only ground path from the battery to the electric box.

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    it must be broke inside the block or something uz it all looks good i even put a new conector on the wire to that one today and it still wouldnt help idk it runs great now it couldnt hurt anything id think

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    Is the wire jumping from the ground block on one side connected to the bolt on the other that has the solenoid and CDI grounds?

    Pic would help

    Also make sure the screws securing the voltage regulator is tight.

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