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    Riva XXX Charger

    Anyone running the Riva XXX Chargers ? What type setup and results.

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    It has been a good charger. With the mods listed in my sig., it begins creating boost at 5100rpm and is at 4-5 lbs around 6600rpm (68-69mph). It'll make the 14 lbs claimed at 8100 or so and pulls very hard. The rrfpr allows the 48's to work well. I see low 13's at idle, high 13's to low 14's in the mid, and high 11's wot. I run a stock ecu and fuel pump too.
    Oh, it gives a nice whistle. If you prefer to run a rear air setup, I know it'll breathe better and talk quite a bit more!
    The 15/22r is a good match for it. At 500 ft of elevation and 85 degree air, low 80 degree water, it'll run 8180rpm. I'm usually at 2500-3000 ft though, so I'm usually turning 7900-8000 in 90 degree temps. When the temp. drops, I'm thinking it'll have to be tweaked to a 15/23 or higher depending on elevation.
    Overall, very happy with it's performance, especially on the stock ecu!

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