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    Unhappy 2007 rxt cut off hot engine

    Hi everyone , is was driving my ski for 15 min .All of a sudden it stops. I took off seat and felt the heat from engine. I let it cool for a while then it started up and ran for about 2 min then cut off again ? What do you think . I have coolant in the holding tank?

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    Did it beep at you?
    Did it show a code?
    Did it make any funny noises?
    Did you check the fuel? (old? water in fuel tank?)
    Did you check the oil?
    Did you check the spark plug color?

    Try to start the craft on the trailer hooked to a water hose. If it starts, turn on the hose (after it starts!!) and see if the system is clogged. If it dies, make sure to turn off the hose! Good luck.

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    No beep noise,no code,no noise, oil I checked before I put in put some in,gas I put new in I did not check spark plug color , I will when I get home today thanks

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