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    Questions about a RXP 155, need input please

    I'm looking to purchase a used 2007 RXP 155 for my father as a gift. He rode a PWC for the 1st time monday and loved it. My question is I have a RXP215 and love it. How is the performance on a RXP155? is the accel decent and what kind of top speed do they run?

    Monday my dad rode and old 98' GSX limited I have and he thought that was very fast but didnt like how unstable it was. So I think this 155 may be a good boat for him.

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    I've ridden a 155 once. For a na ski it has decent accel and topped in the low to mid 50's on the speedo. It doesn't compare to a 215. Nope.
    It'll make a fun cruiser though. Reliable, safe, and decent fuel econ. He'll like the stability too.

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    I have a 2007 155 RXP and the performance isn't mind blowing.. but it's not boring either. Sometimes I just get tired of riding my x so I take the 155 out and mess around without having to worry about hurting something or losing a supercharger clutch. I'm sure your dad will find the 155 plenty fast. Top speed is around 55+ I'm guessing (says 60 on speedo). The ski is very stable, as all rxps are. Overall, the 155 is a great ski for a guy that's not looking for balls out speed but more for reliability and fun.

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    They use these at Sea World in San Antonio in the ski show and they beat the the hell out of them

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