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    Can you Sub Yamalube oil safely if you replace cat convert with D-Plate?

    Hi All, I have replaced my cat converts in both my 1200 XLTs (2004s), been running fine for 2 years. Question, I've read you can opt out of the expensive Yamalube oil once you pull the cat. but I don't have any firm intell that explains why this is okay/safe for your engine, anyone able to provide some good technical info on the subject matter

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    As far as I know, non-Yamalube oils are just fine for the engine. The only thing they are not good for is the factory cat. If you get rid of that with the d-plate... you're fine.

    Plenty of folks here running stuff from Amsoil, Motul, Klotz, etc with no engine mods besides a d-plate.

    Both of my skis run on Amsoil Interceptor. Although I have converted to premix. For your particular skis, I'd recommend doing the same thing. Maybe some more seasoned experts can chime in on that one though, just for insurance!

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    Yes you can. Do a search on 2-stroke oils and you will pull up a ton of threads with info and comparisons.

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    Thanks for the response folks

    Thank you for responding to my questions, L

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    use Amsoil Interceptor or klotz and never look back....

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    I have had great luck with AMSOIL hpi it is designed for injected 2 strokes and at $10 less a gallon I can afford to put 91 octane in the ski lol

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