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    GTX DI Seized Engine....Advice

    While riding my ski I started to hear an intermittent high pitch chirp sound from the engine. I dropped the power down to idle speed and after a few minutes the engine shut down completely. Now it will not start as though something in the engine is binding or something is seized up. Never had this happen before....anybody know what this might be and advice for how to fix?

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    Wow,.. lots of possible answers here but I'd say to have a look under the cyliderhead and see what damage has happened to the pistons and the sleeves. Sounds to me like a lack of oil to a cylinder and its ground to a halt. If it were the sound of a grinding and banging noise you heard I'd say it was more serious like a crank busting up.
    Try ppouring some WD40 down the plug holes to see if you can free it off, but I wouldn't try to re-start it until you identify the true cause. (oil starvation my guess )
    I have one of these ski's and the oil injection systems aren't so great if not maintained properly.

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