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    question on reeds

    my 1200 engine is not pulling enough gas to run anything more than idol. If I prime it it keeps running but will not pull the gas. Filter is replaced and bypassed feul selecter. I found i have a couple reeds that are not sealing. Would this affect the pulse lines not allowing enough fuel to be pumped?

    I am also considering adding an in-line electric fuel pump. Thoughts?
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    Doubt the reeds have much effect on it. Engine should rev even with completely broken petals.
    I would look for your problem in the carbs, or in the pickup in the tank.

    Never heard of anyone running an electric pump.....don't think it will will work well. Better off finding the problem.

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    carbs just rebuilt by Oside. Also pulse lines and fuel filter replaced. This issue is on a Yamaha Exciter jet boat with 1200 non-PV engine. I tried both the ON and RESERVE fuel lines after bypassing fuel selecter but same problem. No flapper doors on pickup. The ON and RESERVE fuel pick ups are completely independent into the tank.

    thanks for reply!

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    it may be the reeds not sealing, in the photo one of those looks real bad! if the reeds dont seal up you will not get correct transfer! thats how a 2 stroke runs, i would suggest buying a new set or second hand set of reeds any try it out, i have a second hand set or stock gpr1200 PV reeds, pm me an offer if interested plus postage from australia

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    I just replaced my reeds and I just had 1 of them that was very lighly chipped on the end. I had a lot more power after the replacement. With them lifted that much I think it could cause your issue. The reeds being open would let the air/fuel mixture bleed below the piston leaving you lean on what goes into the chamber. I would replace them.

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    Got new reed petals and will get them installed this week. I will keep results posted. thanks all!

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