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    Project Jetro-Fit: 1961 Glastron Fireflite & Polaris 1050

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    Thanks to all of you for contributing to this awesome database. The information you have been so generous to share, has been invaluable during our 1961 Glastron Fireflite/Polaris jet conversion.
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    Exactly 3 years from the day the derelict hull followed me home, we had a great maiden voyage in our completely customized GlastronJet. My disdain of old outboard technology, and love of late 50's/early 60's "car themed" boats-created the desire to add modern jet power to the mix.
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    Plastic Surgery:
    Originally planned as a "60's Concept Car" for the water, with race car and fighter jet influences on a budget. A broken SL650 fit the cost parameter, and was chosen as the organ donor. The jet/engine bed was promptly dissected and added to the willing Glastron hull that hadn't seen water time since 1978. With boats of this era designed for 60 horsepower and top speeds in the very low 30's, the 68 to 80hp offered by early triples seemed appropriate.
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    One year in, I had collected a running 650 and nice 750 (w/ many parts), but couldn't help but dream of more power. Soon an Ebay 780 was fitted, and seemed like the e-ticket. Before even hitting the lake, the temptation of a sweet deal on 2-low hour 1050's, necessitated more than a few changes to squeeze a domestic 120hp screamer into the early chassis.
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    Without further adieu, our maiden voyage:

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    Welcome Greg!! May I be the first to say that you did one heck of a job and you have a true conversation piece there! NICE!!

    What is the shrieking at the end of your video? I suspect the dog fell off the boat?

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    Puppy over board

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    Greg, welcome to the forums. That is one cool boat. With the dual windshields it kinda looks like the original batmobile. I like it. Nice job.

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    Cool No animals were harmed in testing...

    Yes, our neurotic border collie performed an impromptu doggie PFD check, after being bounced out in decent chop at half throttle (32mph). In a testament to jet boat quickness, safety and agility, she was recovered within 45 seconds...Needless to say, she has adopted "her" v-birth as the new lookout.

    Water conditions were much better for our second ride, with the 1050 & Skat Trak 15/20swirl pushing the 15' hull to an exhilarating 46-gps before lightly hitting the rev limiter. This seems to be a great set-up for pulling or hauling people, but a 17/25 has been installed for the next speed run.
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    +1 on the Batmoblile, I love the look, I bet you are a popular man at the ramp.

    Enjoy all the fruits of your work definately well deserved.

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    Dude that thing is sweet! I have a 75 Trisonic in storage kinda like what you started with. Might have to get that thing out and do something like you did. Great job!!

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    Nicely done

    Have you been lurking around here for three years, and you just joined now?

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    Membership has it's privileges...

    Thanks for the comments guys, you are right! My wife is amazed at the response this boat gets at the ramp - and NOW(finally!) understands my hobby of collecting these "throwaway and misfit" hulls and installing jet power. With so many really cool old boats languishing in the weeds, and many broken sleds, I hope that reporting positive results will encourage guys like jackofalltrades and his Trisonic to get busy "cutting and pasting", when not tearing up the lakes.

    K447, I did register in '08 but lost track of my original moniker along the way. My belief in researching the archives for answers first, rather than revisiting old news - has kept me from posting until I had earned some street cred. Having done glass repair on many PWC in my composite business in the past, but never actually ridden a ski - my opinions didn't hold much water...
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