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    Polaris Octane

    Hi there!

    I have a FX1 but i'm interested in buying a 2004 Polaris Octane (full original plus Blowsion tubbies II, Prok flame arrestors, and different carburetos jetting).
    My intention is to do freeride (and maybe some recreational freestyle).
    For the price is much better to buy a Polaris Octane than a stock Superjet and then modify it.
    My concern is the problems i may have in finding parts, if some part breaks in the jetski.

    My doubt, and the help i ask you guys, is if it's posible to change engine and electronics in the Polaris Octane in the case i have problems and then dont find parts for it?
    Anyone knows for how long the Polaris factory (or some other company) should have parts for this ski?
    What would i need to change in case of having problems? (engine, electronics, ?...)
    Would it be an intelligent choice to change it for yamaha 760cc mechanical and electronic parts? Or DASA engine and other electronics? I don't really know how this stuff works and hoe would it be possible...

    All of this would be done in a jetski mechanic store, i would have professional help.

    Many thanks for your help guys!

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    there are plenty of Polaris parts you can order off the web ... I wouldn't be too worried

    More importantly, you need to check out the engine compression before you buy the ski !

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    There is no problem finding parts for the Polaris two cylinder 777cc (800) red engine, which was also used in some of the sit-down models. It is a strong and reliable engine, and repairs are straightforward.

    The Octane hulls do have a reputation for leaking water into the inner hull area below the main deck. Research on the stand-up enthusiast forums for details regarding what is involved in checking for and correcting a waterlogged Octane hull.

    The Octane uses a different jet pump that the regular Polaris PWC (140mm impeller diameter compared to 148mm).

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    Octane info:

    And contact Randy @ WatCon. He can answer anything Octane related in his sleep!!

    Phone: (360) 692-3492
    Fax: (360) 692-2285
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