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    99 genesis ficht needs help!

    Genesis runs great on the water. Sometimes its 10 mins, other times a couple hours of riding, but it starts missing, it wont plane out, almost like its rev limiting, and at times acts as though it has fouled a plug. It never reallydoes EXACTLY the same thing. The following day I can put it back in the water, after sitting in the garage overnight, all opened up, and it will run fine for 10 mins, to 2 hours again. I have replaced the TPS, (twice) has new plugs, good compression, and good fuel pressure. I have no blinking lights, and the electronic reverse is working as it should. Any suggestions, as its getting very frustrating.

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    My guess is the EMM has a problem. Make sure the cooling water is actually flowing properly through the EMM.

    When it gives trouble, connect a volt meter to the white/red wires somewhere. Should be stable at about 45 volts DC with engine running.

    It might be worthwhile to remove and clean every engine ground connection.

    Try bypassing the LR-502 Start/Stop module. Details can be found through my signature links, and I recently posted about the LR-502 in another thread on here.

    Note that some 1999 Genesis had issues with unreliable connections within the original wire harness. The replacement harness from Polaris is apparently better made than the original.

    If that is happening then you either replace the entire wire harness with a new/good one, or you start taking splices apart and looking for problems. Another owner ended up soldering a bunch of wire connections to solve his issues.

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