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    96 XP surges at WOT

    Ok help me out here, I want to have a good understanding of what to look for before i start on this thing.

    I took my 96 XP up to Lake Michigan this weekend and it was running fine before. As usual, the family took turns beating the S*** out of my ski, and now it surges at WOT. It will run full speed, then bog for a bit then take off back to full speed. Anything in particular I should look at? I have heard it could be the rectifier, anything else?

    Thanks - Matt

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    check to make sure the filters in the carbs aren't clogged. I would also do a compression check.

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    ok will do and get back to you. I forgot to mention that when I went to pull the ski out of our lake here at home to head to Michigan I could not get it started and was stumped. I told my younger brother to pull off the fuel filter reservoir and see if it had fuel. His reply was hilarious.....there was neither the reservoir or filter. It seems that somehow they came off. I guess it is possible it got some junk in the carbs after all that.

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    +1 on the compression check. Also grab a manual and make sure you put the filter back in on the correct line .....have had a interesting experience with that one unfortunately. Do you still have the "grey" fuel lines in it? If so there maybe some more work to do. If you still have grey lines there are excellent tutorials in here about how to get them out. Take your is time well spent.

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    I replaced the grey fuel lines last year. I also bypassed the fuel selector valve because it was giving me issues last year. I am going to have to get ahold of a compression gauge soon! I hope I put the filter back on the same line haha there are only 2 lines up there! the rest are capped....besides the vent and return...

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    Where at are you in Michigan? I have a compression tester and if your close I don't mind running by so you can check it.

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    I am actually in Indianapolis, but frequently ride up in New Buffalo, MI.

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    Fair enough. That's a little far Haha. New buffalos nice, bought my cobra from a guy out there.

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    I see, I was hoping to find someone who is around there to ride. IT gets a little sketchy on the big lake by myself sometimes!

    Ok so last night I did a compression test and have 150psi in the forward cyl. and 155 in the rear. Is there an issue with these being 5psi off? While I was in there I also disconnected the rectifier and the problem still existed. At this point I have pulled the carbs and will clean the filters out as soon as possible.

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    Becareful mine did that, then on the way home mine died...compression fell hard. Although you seem to be getting good compression. I would check to see if the RAVE valves are gummed up/not moving freely like they should.

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