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    2002 genesis taking on water

    have a 2002 genesis that seems to be taking on water when running. After running for awile at higher speeds (or towing a tube)the bilge puts out a lot of water when I stop. if i run at low speed, the bilge puts out only a small amount of water when i stop.

    my thought is that it is a hose of some sort...

    any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    The bilge pump should be running any time the engine is running. If it is not then the LR module may need replacing.

    You can run the engine while the PWC is strapped to the trailer and backed down the launch ramp. Run it with the jet pump intake fully submerged and leave the seat off. Now you can observe what is going on while the engine is running.

    The seals in the through-hull bearing for the drive shaft may be worn. If it is leaking where the drive shaft enters the bearing then the seals should be replaced. Rebuild details and parts can be found through my signature links.

    Also use a small mirror to check the small clear speedometer tube connection which is right under the drive shaft. If that 'pitot hose' connection is cracked or disconnected it will leak water into the hull.

    Don't get the speedometer hose confused with the battery vent hose.
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    Thanks...i checked all of the hoses and thru hull fittings and couldn't find anything. I also didn't see any water coming in when i ran it at the dock with the seat iff. I ran it out on the lake with the seat off and noticed water coming down the left front side uo past the fuel tank. I checked for any external leaks and couldn't find any. It seems to be leaking where the upper and lower hull are joined.

    I'm going to put some caulk on the outside of the hull under the run rail this weekend. Any thoughts on what kind of caulk to use ( 3M 5200 ?)

    Thanks scott

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    Found the is in the exhaust cooling hose at the 90 degree bend...was spraying forward so it looked like a hull leak...where is the best place to get a replacement hose ?

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