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    D-plate vs no d-plate

    Has anyone ever tried to run just the flange of the cat instead of a d plate? I have swapped mine back and forth and gain about 200 rpms with the empty cat back in.. only thing im using is the flange of the original cat as a spacer.. will the loss of back pressure cause any problems???

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    Will make the engine run lean with out the d-plate which in turn will probably cook a piston.

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    You should actually be down on RPM with no d plate, as the d plate emulates the restriction of the catalytic converter, which is required for the pipe to operate properly.

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    Thats what i thought but thats how the previous owner was running it.. the first thing i did when I bought it was d plate and lost rpms.. put it back and gained them back.. Im running with it right now but was just curious.. thanks.

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