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    Should I buy a GP1200R that needs work?

    I found a GP1200R that won’t run past 40mph. The owner claims it needs some kind of exhaust part that costs $250, not sure what it is though. I was thinking about offering $1500 if the machine looks good, has good compression, and no electrical bugs. Any thoughts or opinions? Any idea what kind of exhaust part it could need and what would cause it to fail?

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    It's a 2000 that comes with a trailer.

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    maybe he's talkinhg about a bad cat/con...much cheaper to just remove and add d plate!

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    If it's only a $250 part why doesn't the owner fix it and sell it as a good running ski for $2500?

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    See, that's what I'm wondering too. I know my way around an engine, so I'll be able to get a good idea of the overall condition of the machine. I'm just not too familiar with new jet skis and what kinds of parts they have on the exhaust. I assumed it was a cat or a power valve, but I'd like to figure it out.

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    If he doesnt want to mess with a $250 part then hes ready to move on to other things. Ive learned a neat trick while dealing with ppl on CL buying cars, point out some things that are wrong,, don't act too excited about getting it, and ask them nicely whats the rock bottom price hed let it go for and still feel okay about the deal.Act like you're doing them a favor by taking it away. 9 times out of 10 they'll give you a lower price than what you were going to offer. The worst he can do is say no. Good luck and let us know when you get the ski

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    There's a good chance that the seller has no clue how to put that $250 part in. Making it much more expensive. He's probably had his fun and money may not be an issue to him. Personally, I'd assume the near worst when buying things that don't run properly. Assume that you'll be rebuilding the carbs and putting in a D-plate.

    I say buy it if you're capable of working on it. If not, let us know where it's at and someone here will.

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    No go yet, wife won't let me get one until some other things are taken care of. Will update if anything changes.

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    I called on the ski and I think it needs a cat. If I were to go with a D-Plate, would I need to jet the carbs? How much of a pain is it to sync them?

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    No re-jetting with D-plate. D-plate made to offer same back pressure as stock cat so drop in plate, install chip and you're good to go.

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