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    Introduction + extra fuel idea

    Hello everyone! Just a little intro on myself. my name is kyle 19 and born an raised in northern NJ. I grew up riding my uncles 1993 spx seadoo "been riding it since he bought it", the spx finally died last summer. Now i own my own Yamaha 1999 GP800...that porpoising like a bitch....working on it tho.

    In any case, my idea. So im planning on taking my 800 touring on some much bigger lakes then my own local lake hopatcong. My idea is to add another fuel tank to my ski "or really any ski"

    Basically "in my case" i have a cargo compartment behind me under my seat. im thinking i could custom fit a tank or convert the compartment to hold fuel. running a fuel line from the extra tank to the main tank to refuel myself on the fly using a fuel pump with an on\off switch. the new fuel would enter a sealed port ontop the main tank.
    I have a basic diagram to show the idea.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    i have no idea if this has been done, my research has not shown anything.
    The idea i believe is simple and probably has been done to some extent.
    Thoughts? Ideas? suggestions?

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    the diagram looks fine. U do need a vent in the reserve tank though

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    Not to be an ass but wouldn't it be easier to find a special container to fit in the storage tank that holds fuel and then just refill it manually when you're low? Seems like it's be safer and easier, plus you wouldn't permanently lose your storage...

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    shobiz: yes, i figure the vent would need to be an air way but still block the fuel when sloshed of course. ill probably be able to buy something prebuilt for this.
    skyline: that was my first thought, finding a container to fit in the space. manually fueling the ski would require stopping and finding either a shallow area or a public dock. most of the lake shore lines in my area are Private owned and not vary shallow. so thats where ive pushed aside the manual fueling, not to mention the outrageous prices of fuel on my lake.
    with this system you wouldn't even need to stop, hit the button and it starts the transfer. atop of that the tank rig thats holds the fuel would be removable and the hoses would be quick connects with shutoffs. pop out the slide in storage container and slide in the fuel rig, connect the lines and go.

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