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    Sit-Down Advice...Sea-Doo, Kaw, or Yam???

    Im looking for advice on what sit down to buy. I have always ridden stand-ups and don't know much about sit downs. I am looking for something that is reliable yet fast and is fun to ride not just a Cruiser!! I think I want a 2 seater cause I am assuming you can do more on them. What are the models that the guys are racing in the sitdowns? (RXP,Waverunners,Ultra 150 or 250's)????

    Thanks for the help!

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    Sorry to keep you waiting so long for an answer.

    I think most people in the Kawasaki area would recommend Kawasakis. They all have problems. I think that SeaDoo has the worst record on reliability of any of them. I like the Ultra 150 myself, but I've never ridden a 4-stroke. The Ultras are more finicky than the others. Any 2-stroke is old enough now that it will require carb work and probably a top overhaul to keep it running right.

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    Probably need to give more info as to what you are looking for: New or used, price, older 2 stroke or newer four stroke, purpose like jump or pull, or speed. Do you plan to modify it?

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    Polaris Virage or MSX

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    STX or VXR

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