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    Angry need help big time.

    I have a2003 aquatrax r-12x turbo with 53hrs that runs terrible and not throwing any codes. Its at a dealer and they are stumped.on the rack it seems to run fine but put it in the water and it runs ok for a few minutes and then it surges in rpm up and down from about 4500 to 2500 then quits like its not getting fuel. Takes a few minutes to get started again and problem persists. Dealer changed plugs,gas,airfilter,new fuelpump assembly,checked fuel pressure regulator,compression test,checked ignition coil packs,swapped out ecu. But now all 4 plugs are wet with gas like its flooding.there next step is sensors would a sensor cause this much trouble. Somebody please help

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    Sounds like the MAP sensor. Fuel Injectors have been a known problem on the 12 series also. Put an oscilloscope on your engine and see whats going on.

    Your dealer sounds like a parts changer and not a troubleshooter. I would be cautious in using them for service work.


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    Thanks for the info shawn.machine also sat for 1.5 year with same gas in it.the guy I bought the machine of of told me this after I phoned him and I ran the machine for 2hrs on that gas not knowing but the machine ran great and that's when the problems started and it got worse and worse

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    Shawn did u see my reply in your opinion do u think its more map sensor or injectors because I'm already into it for lots of cash at the dealer and I'm to the point where I don't trust the dealer anymore. And summer is almost half over and they have to order parts which takes time.

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    Try a bottle of Sea Foam to clean the injectors. If it is a MAP sensor you can buy one from Honda of East Toledo and have it in less than a week.

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