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    Riva Red Pipe '94 Waveraider

    Have 94 Yamaha waveraider with the riva red pipe. Last weekend on the way back from the ocean my ski shut down. When I popped the hatch I realized there was a hole blown in my exhaust coupling where the two pieces of the pipe meet. My question is, do those to pieces come together to form a sealed bond or is there a gap between the two pieces and the coupling and clamps seal that gap? If anyone has any experience please help me so I know how a can fix the pipe and keep it from happening again. A new coupling is on the way so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can tell me how the pipe should come together. Thanks, John

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    Riva still can get you the replacement "coupler" piece that joins the 2 parts together. Usually once you pop these need to clean with alky to remove the oil or it will continue to pop apart. A clean rubber is always needed =0)


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    haha thanks alot. That pipe has been giving me problems for awile. Even after a weekend of playing in the surf a new vibrant coupling will find a way to crack. I will contact Riva and see what they have to say. Thanks again

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