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    2005 F-12X vs 2007 F-12

    hey guys,

    I was hoping for some help picking out my first jetski.

    2005 F-12X 39 hours $7200 CND


    2007 F-12 75 hours 6500 CND

    Is there a bad year for the honda's? I understand one is supercharged. Can anyone tell me how many hours I should expect before I gotta do a major repair. jetski season has started and in canada it doesn't last long so I really wanna get one this weekend and those two are my choices.

    Also anything I should look at when I go see it. I tried looking for the post (sticky) in pwctoday but could not find it.

    Thanks for any help.

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    1. Brand new ones still in crate from dealer available here in Ca. for 7499. ('07)

    2. If you buy one of these 2 get the F-12X. 39 hours is nothing on a Honda. I have friends have 400 hour salt water no problem.

    3. If buying the F-12X get a good look at the turbo. You need to spray down after each ride as it is carbon steel and rusts. If it has a little rust on it your in good shape. Check the waste gate actuator also.

    Good luck.

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