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    05 fx cruiser HO intermitent cranking, any ideas ??

    so i opened my ski up for the season to it not wanting to crank, only the guage was lighting up.

    so first I put in an brand new yuasa yb16, and still the same problem, so i checked out the solenoid and its not working right, i put a test light on the starter side of the solenoid and its not lighting up when i hit the start button, so i change the solenoid and still the same problem, so then i change the positive battery cable thinking maybe i have some corrosion iin there, but still the same problem. so to make a long story short i have replaced the solenoid, starter, positive battery cable, positive starter cable, negative battery cable, and swapped start/stop switches with my other fx (same year, which starts no problem).

    the only way i can get it to turn over is by constanly hitting the start switch, but it only will crank a few revolutions and stop. and the wierd thing is when i jump the solenoid in cranks awsome.

    Im leaning towrad a bad connection or wire some where but cant seem to find anything.
    could the brain or guage have anything to do with it ?

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    I'm not sure if your ski has this feature, but on the sho/fz you can hold down on the hour/volt meter to display any codes. Worth a try.

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