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    1999 SLTX with NO Spark

    As mentioned, I have no spark to my plugs. Plugs are NEW NGK BRP8ES (never fired). Reading the forums, I am familiar with the updated electrical items. When I checked to see if my ski is updated ( I have owned it since July of 1999 when I bought it brand new ) I see differances between my electrical box and what everybody says I should see. I DO NOT have a circuit board with male spade terminals. I have round and spade connectors for all the wire connections inside the box. I have a 3 cylinder ignition coil module--Art. Nr. 573 1 00, PN 4010174, and a separate Electronic box--Art. Nr.553 2 06, PN 4060180, and the 15A circuit breaker inside the black box. The Red/Purple wires are still 'Y' connected together, as there is no spade terminals labeled 'Orange to attatch the one wire to.

    The ski has always run very strong during the past 12 years. Radared the first year @ 62.5 mph. This summer though, is a different story. When I started to prep it for this summer, I realized I had forgotten to turn the gas shut-off to the off position before winter. The craft still fired to life after installing a brand new battery, but would not rev. happily, with some backfiring ( sounded as if it came from the exhaust area, not the carburators, as I was over the carburators during this procedure ) and some labored engine revs. I piddled with it for a while (checked the usuals, plug caps on tight, added some carb cleaner--SORRY!!, checked the oil tank level, the drain plugs were in, youknow, the usuals) before taking it to the lake that morning. I stopped and filled the tank with fresh gas ( about 10 gallons ) and headed to the lake with the wife and friends.

    Got to the lake, backed the craft into the water enough to get the intake submerged, and started the engine. The engine started, but for about 5 minutes it backfired and tried to stall when no throttle was applied. I felt confident enough to back it off the trailer to see how it would run. Surprisingly, it ran almost descent, but never tried to top more than 5300 rpm. It would bog a little, then it would jump to 6200 rpm and accelerate decently. After about 3 minutes and before getting too far from shore and where we were picnicning, I turned back toward the ramp and the engine stalled out on me. I tried to restart, but ended up melting the positive cable off of the starter solenoid. Once I swam the craft back to shore, I loaded onto the trailer and tried to enjoy the rest of the day.

    I ordered a new starter solenoid, but didn't know about the all plastic brown solenoid highly touted in the forums. I had to order a solenoid for an SLTX-B to match the one my craft originally had, with the watertight connector for the start button, verses the wire and ground listed for the SLTX. Is mine a B model, which I assume being a LATE 1999 ( JULY) model, it may have been updated to the the GEN III ignition at the factory? I cannot find any hand written '447' numbers on any of the electronics, but as mentioned before, the Red/Purple wires are still run as the pre GEN III ignitions are.

    My battery maintains a solid 10.9 volts during cranking of the engine. I haven't checked into whether the start stop switches are grounded. I did notice that I have the gray fuel lines, which are going to be replaced. The reason for the new plugs is that I saw a ring of arcing on the top of the spark plugs where the caps snap onto the plugs. My plug boots are of the pinkish/reddish color with-out zip ties. The spark plug wires are of different lenghts, so there would be almost NO way of incorrect firing order on my part.

    I have never had to take this ski to any dealer for service, as I have been able to keep it and my 1989 Sea-Doo in tune ( Sea-Doo bought when it was 2 years old and less than 10 hours on it). Both of these craft have fewer than 250 hours on them. Both look as if they came out of the dealer yesterday. Any advise and assistance would be much appreciated.

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    The SLTX-B aka, the X-45 had a 1200 engine which already had the gen 3 ignition.

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    The X-45 had distinctive hull graphics. Post up photos and we can tell for sure.

    I think you have a late production 1999 model with 1050 engine. If you can read the part number from one of the cylinders that would be definitive.

    That CDI part number I think is an original pre-Gen III ignition. So a candidate for the Update Kit.

    Your start solenoid is outside the electrical box? If you ordered a new replacement it is probably the all-plastic black version, which is the newest. The prior brown version was also fine, but it has a metal backing plate, as did the very original (and unreliable) black solenoid.

    If you replace those Tempo fuel lines you should also rebuild the carbs. Goop from the fuel lines can clog the carbs just enough to run a cylinder lean and burn a piston. Carb rebuilds cost less that engine rebuilds...

    10.9 volts from your battery is OK, but not stellar. If it gets any weaker plan to replace it.

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