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    Got 2 New Projects Today


    I drove down to Pensacola, FL today from VA (about 12 hours) to pick up my latest project(s). I scored two F12X skis, two rebuilt motors (not in the skis but still on pallets and wrapped in plastic) and a double trailer in good shape for $1800.00! I figure the motors alone are worth that! Anyway...they need new mats, a good polishing and waxing, the engines need to go back in's the bad news.....I need to replace the turbos an throttle bodies on both. My dad is a machinist and we are going to try to fix the parts first but in all likelihood, I will have to replace the throttles and turbos with used stuff. My game plan is to fix both, sell 1 and the trailer and end up with a free F12x! Now...anyone got some throttle bodies or turbos laying around?

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    So this was 3 years ago. How did it work out? I'm about to buy two on a double trailer that both turbos aren't working

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