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    whats does code 01 mean on the 06 gp1300r??

    code 01 says normal malfunction meaning????...... it's bogging at WOT and also running hot, it has a riva efi control and a D-Plate. only running 6000rpm at 55mph. stock it was running 70mph before i put the d-plate and efi control in, any settings for the riva EFI control would be nice.

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    Code Symptom
    01 Normal
    13 Pickup coil malfunction
    Engine temperature sensor
    Throttle position sensor (TPS)
    19 Incorrect battery voltage
    Atmospheric pressure sensor
    Intake air temperature sensor
    47 Slant detection switch malfunction
    48 Incorrect data transmission
    Exhaust temperature sensor
    54 Stepping motor malfunction
    55 Steering switch malfunction
    59 Memory data malfunction
    64 YPVS servomotor malfunction
    Cooling water temperature sensor
    66 Stepping motor stuck closed

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    ok here is what i can tell you I also did the d plate but I also put a riva flame arrestor on mine by the way its an 05 was told you did not need the controler so took it out tryed wideopen run plug chop plugs were ash white mid range plug chop were even whiter and the head was extreamly hot so put in a controller tuned it and here are my settings green led 2.25, yellow led 4.25,red led 1, last pot 6. my ski runs great topend perfect all plug chops checked and nice brown color piston wash perfect head temp luke warm. With that said i think these electronic skis can be like cars most programs will work for all the same mods but every once in a while you get the one that may have some differences (and i have done quite a bit of dyno tuning) and just need a change in tunning param.

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