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    Yamaha SUV not starting No spark at plugs where do & how do I begin?

    Aloha all,
    I used my ski about 4 months ago & then stored it.. I wen to start it today & it would not Start. I thought maybe flooded or that I needed to spray quick start in the carbs but after a while it still was not starting. The Battery still has plenty of juice & it is turning over nicely with lots of power. I pulled the plug wire off the first plug & put a new plug in the line & turned it over & saw no spark jumping between the gap! So I did this same procedure with the 2 other plug wires & same thing no spark!! I pulled the fuse out of the CDI & it is fine. a friend is advising taking the CDI box cover off & seeing what we see...

    I have searched the threads here & have seen to check the water temp sensor. How do I do that?? or any other checks??

    Could it be the kill switch or where the lanyard connects??

    is there anything to check in the CDI box?? any replaceable parts or fuses in there??? or do you just replace the whole thng?

    any help would be great!

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    Just checked again no Spark at plug with fresh Battery & made sure plugs are grounded what should I check Next!!!????


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    I had about the same issue and found two bad pins in the 5 wire plug coming from the side of the electrical box.. I just used an ohm meter and read thru it when it was plugged up

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    You can check the water temp sensor with an ohm meter by unplugging it at the harness and use a mutimeter set to ohms. I believe you should be in the 54-69 k ohms range if it is good at ambient temp. Just put one lead of the multimeter on one prong and the other end on the second prong. Also, I just went through the same thing. See the thread today (July 12) by chevyrocks3 and it will tell you what I did to fix a similar problem.

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    Have you tried using a tool that tests for spark? I know there are some that look like a pen and you just hold it up to the wire, others are kind of like spacers that go on the spark plug and connect to the plug wire and have a window that you can see the spark. I say this because when i test drove my suv it wasn’t' starting up so i tested for spark and couldn't see it, the previous owner took me to his shop and hooked up a tester and it was giving spark.. it was just hard to see, but then again we were in the home depot parking lot.

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    Hi my SUV is doing the same thing, did you ever get this fixed?

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    diconect the black plug and bypass the kill circuit will not die till pluged back up

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    gofastguru now thats what i call aired out.

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