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    Polaris 1999 SLH - Problems after hull swamping and recovery

    Polaris SLH 1999 Fuel problems

    Hi I have a Polaris SLH 1999 and am having nothing but problems.

    I had a fault last year with the ski after it was took under by a wave and filled the hull with water to the brim, I found the jet ski then to have no spark. I then followed on to find that the ski had the old type cdi update kit in. I replaced this and still no go.

    After stripping everything and clean/replace parts the engine was mechanically sound.

    After many checks I eventually had the ski running so I took it to the beach and as soon as I put it into the water the ski would idle fine but cut out as soon as any throttle was put on.

    I took the ski back rebuiilt the carbs and replaced the fuel line but not 100% they are piped up properly.

    Any suggestions and if anyone could tell me the correct direction of the fuel hoses it would be much appreciated

    Thanks Giulio_18

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    Which ignition system is now installed, the Update Kit or another old-style ignition?

    Was the electrical box interior flooded with water, or did it stay dry?

    When you rebuilt the carburetor did you use a genuine Keihin OEM carb rebuild kit?

    All small internal passages inside the carburetor were cleaned out with carburetor cleaner spray - correct?

    Did you check pop-off pressure and needle+seat height?

    Were the original factory gray Tempo fuel hoses replaced?

    Correct spark NGK plugs installed?

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    Hi, The electrical box was not damaged with water but after investigation it was found to be the cdi kit that was at fault so I updated the cdi, stator etc. The ski then started fine and but would not rev up on water, I brought it back rebuilt the carbs with correct kits and checked all setting found to be ok. I use BR8ES plugs and have recently just replaced the fuel lines but not sure if I have piped them up correctly.


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