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    XL1200 LTD died with no spark

    My 99 XL1200 died the other day with no spark, like someone turned the switch off, checked spark plugs and all is good, was running great up to the second that it stopped. I see no spark on all cylinders. I checked kill switch and fuses, I am good mechanical and but weak on electrical. Any suggestions, I suspect the cdi unit but at $400-500 I guess I need to verify. Are dealers any good at checking this? Appreciate the help!

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    Check the water temp sensor last item on the stinger before the water box.

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    do you know how to check the thermocouple, thanks, stu?

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    Well the problem did end up being the CDI unit, $600+, I did check the water temp thermocouple with a 10ohm resister, but it had no effect. My cdi unit is from proTech and has a higher rev limit of 8100 rpm. Doubt if I will see this because ski is basically stock, I usually run 7000 at full throttle. Hope it holds up well, very expense repair.

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    you could have purchaced a used one on in the classifieds here for 1/3 of that

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    Wow $600-i had a pro tec and a stock unit i would have taken $125 for either

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    Hi, I was wondering if you still have that stock. Thank's.

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