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    Step-by-Step guide removing carbs(GTX ldt 98) ?

    I'm trying to remove the carbs on My GTX ltd 98.
    How can it be done? I can't get to the screws holding the carbs... Do i have to remove the exhaust? Is that easy?

    i've searched for answers without success...



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    Remove 4 allen bolts (hard to see - use a mirror, or feel it). Pull carbs out toward rear. Disconnect linkage for choke and throttle. Install in reverse order.

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    is this a 787 or 951? if this is a 951 you just have to work around the exhaust. besides you have to take the carbs off first if your going to take the exhaust off. its a PIA the first time but after that you can do it pretty quick once you get the tricks down

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. It's a Rotax 947 - ~1000cc

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    And 947 is the same as 951, yes?

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