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    Main wiring harness for 1100 ZXI is puzzling me. Please give me some advice

    Ok I have a kawi project I have been working on off and on for a while now. It started out as a 1996 1100ZXI that had come off the trailer when a guy was pulling it down the highway. I bought it from the guy for dirt cheap and proceeded to strip everything out to put in another hull. A friend gave me a really clean 2000 zxi hull which was completely bare. I have changed over everything except the motor and a few minor things so far. Somehow in selling off other parts skis I must have sold or lost the original main wiring harness. So yesterday i bought one from a friend out of his 1998 ZXI. In the parts break down here in the oem parts area the part numbers appear to be the same. But as I was putting it in my hull yesterday I noticed that I had a couple of extra plugs. I wonder if maybe one or both go the oil tank that I removed. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between a 1996 main wiring harness and a 1998 main wiring harness???

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    should be the same harness, how many wires per connector and the wire colors ?

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    make sure it is out of 1100 not 900 they some different plugs .have 96 900 and 96 1100 ,found this out trying to use 900 hull to replace 1100 hull.

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