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    WTB 2000' GP1200 Seat Cover

    Allright, let me try this again.... If there's another thread out there somewhere for this I apologize....

    Well, its a 2000' GP1200(R) and the seat cover has been duct taped for three years now. Its the OEM cover that's entirely grey in color. I've just "cringed" at the prices for all the parts these ski's need and the seat being the least critical of the parts, thought I'd wait till its the last thing I'd replace.

    Little did I know.... Seems there will never be a "last" part when you own one of these things!

    Anyway, I'm just looking here first. If anyone has an old cover that's still in usable condition send me a pm... I did see a post of someone who had a "wrong color" cover and I would even be open to that. I just don't want to wait so long now that the foam rubber will get damaged. (even more $$$ then!)

    Thanks Y'all!

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    Dude the cheapest thing to do would be to go to the fabric store, get some marine vinyl and put it on top of the old cover......But the M-line covers for $150 are amazing.....

    Also checkout the online store....

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    Wow! I agree.... Thanks for the info... Think I'll see what's in the change jar....

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    I have a gray seat off my 2000 1200r if youre still looking

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    the MLine cover is a nice compliment to the GPR. Look at pics below of my seat install

    I also suggest placing this new cover over your old one for a little bit of padding.

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