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    Anyone in the Northwest area?

    I got my first gp12r this summer and it does not feel like its nearly as fast as it should be. I was hoping someone in the area that knows these ski's can take it out for a spin and let me know. The ski has jet works mod, d plate, SS impeller and aftermarket are filters plus just had the carbs rebuilt, but it takes off kinda slow, when i hit full throttle it does not throw me back at all, feels slower then my 97 gp1200

    In in Portland, OR, i can take it out on any of the local lakes or columbia river

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    I am in Vancouver, WA but mine isn't running well yet since I did an engine rebuild. PM me if you want and we can meet out on the Columbia or Willamette I think I still have a good feel for how it should run.

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    The next time I am in Hood river I PM you guys to go riding.

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