It just came in over 240 hrs on it,oil was 1/2 quart low before I started it,After changing spark plugs 2 were bad,I started it and ran it 8 to 10 seconds ,the oil had dropped in resovoir,So I put hose on it idled it a couple minutes,oil was then drained and filter changed.exactly 3.5 quarts added it looked good (FILTER WAS CHANGED)Then taken to water,it idled and ran smooth but would only go to 7,000rpm I then loaded on trailer ,checked oil it was a quart too high,No water in oil but looked dirty.It seems that at slow speeds all oil isnt scavanged up to tank.if you run it faster it does scavenge oil,it doesnt knock or rattle bad,but has a sound right off idle that I havent heard other ho make slight rattle until rpm picks up,any ideas ,THanks in advance guys>Marvin