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    95 750 STS water draining out of grate?!

    When I pull the ski out of the water, it dumps out of the intake grate area. When running it is fine, and I have a bilge pump I can switch on, when the ski is just sitting. ( Is it safe to just let the pump run while on the water, or will it burn it out if it is not pumping water? It is a Attwood V500 350 GPM pump )

    I found two hoses that where brittle and gushing water in, fixed those, but it seems when it is idling it is getting water from somewhere. I hooked up the hose, to the flush out thingie on the top of the engine, and I don't see any more leaks. I filled the hull with water, no leaks.
    I did notice a few drips around the intake grate allen bolts. I took it off and there where no O rings or sealent. Should there be some there? Also the ride plate, had no sealent and when I took that off, the bolt holes seemed to drip slowly with water for a while. Those just bolt to the hull though right?

    Is there any other place to check for a leak while not in the lake?

    Much thanks to the helpful people in this forum. My first skis, while not the fastest, I was surprised how fast they "seem" on a choppy Lake Washington!

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    Seems water is leaking from the drive shaft seal. Not sure how the hull is structured, but it continues to drain water even after the waterline is over an inch below the driveshaft and seal. It is somehow finding its way out that seal from somewhere... ugh

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