Sorry for being an idiot, but if one doesn't know, one doesn't know. I had written earlier re: my 1999 SLTX with no spark to the plugs. I was concerned because I could not locate an electrical box with a terminal board for doing the Service Bulletin 00-05. Well, I found a separate electrical box under my storage bin in the front of the craft. It contains the LR-23 module and about 30 wires which connect to the terminals. Now the problem is, when I do the Serv. Bull. 00-05, will I need to run a new wire from the rear box to the front box to terminate the 'new' orange terminal? Or can I modify the rear box by taking the Red/Purple 'Y' connector out of line, switch it to female or male spade connector, and connect the Red/Purple NOT going to the CDI to the new connector. That would leave me a 'Y' connector that I could use with a barrel connector to tap into an Orange wire already inside the rear electrical box. Not for sure, so I'm asking the ones who should have an answer.