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    How do you adjust idle speed on 750sl

    Bought it not running. No spark. Installed new CDI. No luck. Installed new stator. Fired right up. The only problem is the Idle is too fast. Where do I adjust the Idle speed. I tried the screws on the bottom of two carbs that adjust how far the throttle releases. No luck. I also messed with the adjustment at the front with the t-handle thingy was that a mistake?

    I have a triple outlet fuel pump on order and I want to make sure I get the idle right before I change anything else. One problem at a time if possible.

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    Ok I really need help now. What ever I did caused runaway idle. WOT --- kill switch, no kill. --- Panic ---pull all three plug wires, no kill.--- Panic more --give it throttle, yes kill. Clean out pants--- wait for advice LOL

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    Here's where idle screw is
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mikuni_Idle_Screw.JPG 
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    What to do with those "T" handles

    Answer to your "no kill" problem

    Good luck

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    that runaway problem is usually an air leak. Pulling the plug wires and it still running means that the cylinders or the plugs got so hot it was "spontaneously" combusting although Detonating is probably a better way to describe it. this should be apparent if you pull all three plugs and inspect them.

    also know as dieseling or running without an external ignition source. Then smart move giving it the throttle, it sounds like you "flooded it" with AIR and made it too lean to run. I would advise a leak down test to see if maybe there was an air leak that caused the original problem. or you could pressurize and spray soapy water and find the bubbles, just like i do with a bad inner tube.

    also when adjusting idle you can remove the FA and look into the carb throats to get a good idea of what the screw actually does.

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    I did notice that the fuel seperator ran low on fuel just prior to the "incident". I switched the fuel selector over to reserve and built up the nerve to start it again. Bowl refilled and it idled normally again. I certainly hope it wouldn't do that while in the water when it runs out of fuel especially with wife or kids driving. I wonder if the lack of water resistance contributed to the situation. It still seems to idle too fast though but it is not in the water. I have the idle stops out as far as possible. Not sure what else to adjust other than the jets. This is my first ski so I don't know what normal is. Should the ski idle so fast it moves forward at idle? BTW thanks for the previous inputs.

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    Engine run-away can only happen with the jet pump out of the water. In the water the engine will not have the power to spin the impeller against the water load with the throttle closed.

    By it is important for the rider to recognize the first signs of low fuel levels (engine stumble and/or change of engine power) and not only switch to reserve, but also head back to shore for more fuel. Running the engine at speed with low fuel runs a risk of lean burn damage to the engine.

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