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    Need quick help with water ingestion!

    So I am having a very, very bad day.

    First day out this year and I rushed, so of corse things went south, quick.

    I first forgot to retighten the intercooler hoses after winterizing, so the ski filled right up with water and I got a hi temp on the exhaust. I stopped it, was towed in, evacuated the water. No further issues, I reattached the line and all was well. I rode for another 2 hours.

    Just as I was coming in the ski died at 70mph. Popped the seat and the hull was FULL of water. Water entered the intake and choked the engine out. Great, towed again and got the ski out without incident. Turns out the exhaust hose popped off! Not my day for hoses.

    So I pulled the plugs and intake line, cleared the engine of water. After several goes at this I got the majority of the water out and dried the plugs off.

    After some rough running the engine appears to be running fine on the hose, just some white smoke which I assume is excess water cooking out of the engine. I shut it down. I then pulled the plugs again and soaked the cylinders with WD40 (I know, I know, I did not have an XPS) I just needed something anti-corrisive. I cycled the engine a few times to circulate the oil and I also sprayed the t-body line to get the intake track oiled.

    I will not be home for a few days, so I rinsed the hull out and buttoned everything up.

    When I get home it with immediately get an oil/filter change and plugs.

    Did I nuke my engine? Or did I intervene quickly enough to save it? This was alt water by the way, to top it all off.

    Thanks guys,


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    what the oil look like if it is milky it has water in it also need to pull the intake to get water out of it's lower passages then do a boil out of the engine do a seach on that

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    Quote Originally Posted by idoodou View Post
    what the oil look like if it is milky it has water in it also need to pull the intake to get water out of it's lower passages then do a boil out of the engine do a seach on that
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The more in depth teardown is going to have to wait until monday, do you think that is an issue?

    Also, do you think I did any permeant damage?

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    hopefully not a hydrolock is a serious thing but if it runs fine on hose you might have dodged a bullet definately check and change oil and filter.

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    don't just change the oil, you need to flush it multiple times to get all the water out.

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    So I have the ski home and disassembled down to the head. You were all right, as I suspected, there was a butt ton of water in the intake. I cleared all the water, wiped everything down and coated with XPS. There is no signs of corrosion on the intake valve tops, throttle body, supercharger or anything I can visually inspect.

    I drained the oil, but have to wait for the intake to dry before I can button everything up to get it started and start the serial oil changes.

    How am I looking guys? What else can I do? I have never torn this thing down this far before but it surprisingly only took me an hour.

    I hope I am able to get out of this without any damage. Tips advice and ataboys are always welcome.


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    You want to start your oil changes quickly if u have the water out to prevent corrosion bro. Time is of essence.

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    id start looking at the electronics and fuse panels, get salt off and dielectric grease connections. did u do a fresh water washdown on the inside of the hull? its easier if u have a bilge to pump out by the way. then spray down with salt away, boeshield, etc.

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    I did a fresh water wash down immediately after the incident. Electrical looks good.

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    I had to do 7 oil changes to get all the water outta my engine, It sucked! btw, I did replace my oil filter everytime like other do. I just left it out.

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