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    fml. help. gp1300 again

    took my 03 gp1300 into shop to get the throttle bodies adjusted. They put it all back together. First trip out, exhaust line comes lose and sinks my ski half filled w salt water. Tow ski to trailer. Blow out cylinders and put wd in them to help get water out. Finally get it back running. Called shop they said if I got it running that the ski was ok. First time out the ski blows up after about 15mins of riding. The last cylinder blows a hole through the top kinda towards the exhaust side of the piston. I could litterally put my finger through it. I had a buddy say the crank twisted. Took it back to the shop I orginally brought it to and they said it wasnt their fault. What do I do? I got a new cylinder and piston on the way but am scared that it's much much more. The shop is claiming no fault and said the ski was old and just Ideas? what am i supposed to do? Try to go after the shop? Heard they are douches when it comes to errors...Did the piston blow bc the crank got bent bc of the water? or did it blow bc of hours on the ski and was just getting old? help! thanks so much

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    Post up some pictures of the damage. Also, post pictures of the other cylinders and of the crank if possible.

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