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    650 carbs sticking

    Hi all,
    Any suggestions on how to unstick a carb rack? Was givin the ski last week a 92 650 that has been sitting for a couple years, it will start but the butterflys are very stiff. Took it out tonight and working back and forth is getting better but still pretty stiff. any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Keith Oregon, IL

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    Disconnect the throttle cable from the carb rack. Then, try to move the butterflies manually. If they move smoothly it means your cable is shot and needs replaced. If they are still stiff then you need to remove, clean, and rebuild the carbs.


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    It is the carbs, have them off on the bench, soaked blaster all around the pivot points, didn't know if there were any tips or tricks. I have rebuilt my 750's but didn't have sticking throttle! I was leary of taking the linkages apart between them!
    Just looking for advice,

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