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    1996 Yamaha WaveRadier 1100 Triple, need help please

    Ski is a 1996 Raider 1100 triple. Had it for like 10 years. Been a good ski. I'm not real up on the technical jargon so I'll put it as best I can.

    Trashed a piston about 3 years ago, had a guy fix that all up and the ski ran good but it seemed a very little bit slower after that, but ran for 2 years just fine.

    This year we take it out and it's not running properly.

    If you start it and immediately go WOT it will take off perfect but then cut out (and sometimes die but usually just cuts out) within 5 to 10 seconds.

    If you start it and let it idle for 30 seconds you have to feather the throttle to get it to full speed. Once at full speed, you have to keep feathering the throttle to keep it running or else it cuts out alot. Seems to be running close to normal top speed. (speedo is junk, reads like 22 WOT but that's obviously wrong)

    So, 1st thought was fuel. Blew out all the lines and inspected the fuel filter. All seemed ok.

    Brought it to my engine guy and he checked compression, about 118 on all 3 cylinders. Good there.

    He found there were BR8ES plugs instead of recommended BR8HS. Put in the BR8HS but no/very little change.

    Carbs were fine when the pistons/cylinders were done 3 years ago. Gas is from last year but was treated.

    Been reading everything I can find but haven't come across someone with the same problem....

    My next thought was fuel pump maybe? My guy is having problems finding the problem in the garage because it seems to be running fine there.

    Please help!

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    I'd probably start with fresh gas, fuel pump, and carb rebuilds.

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    Second that on fresh gas, I would definitly look at the carb, rebulit it and or clean the carb out then go from there... since you stated the carb were done 3 years ago..

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