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    seadoo di crank pickup

    anyone know if the di crank pickup is hall effect or reluctor? its 3 wire so i would asume hall effect. ill be in need of a di stator and crank pickup sensor shortly. if anyone has one layin around. i know these boats don't last long enough for these parts to go bad.
    thanks, Steve

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    anyone, no one works on these? funny cause i have 3 at the shop right now. 2 rx di's and a gtx di. the seadoo shop manual isn't much help or give enough information. Only says voltages or resistance on ampseal pins at the mpem. notmuch to help identify what type of sensor it is.
    Im wanting to use this sensor on my 787 efi conversion since it will mount right in my mag cover and if its hall effect its an added bonus as it is a better sensor, just don't want to spend the money if its not what im hoping for.

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    It's a hall effect switch. Provides digital TTL level output using the 5V pull-up from the MPEM.

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    so pin #5 in deutsch connector on mag housing is +12v grey/ red wire pin 2-6 ampseal connector on mpem
    pin #6 is the 5v signal output from the sensor grey/yel ampseal 2-7 on mpem
    pin#4 blk is sensor ground to mpem 2-14

    seadood thanks for the reply, happen to have one?

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